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In the long-term you will both benefit from establishing this pattern.Back to the Questions Index It is obvious that the people who say it is cruel to wake a sleeping baby to feed it have never had to care for any very premature or sick babies.Any healthy baby weighing more than 6lbs at birth should manage to go three hours between feeds, three hours being from the beginning of a feed to the beginning of the next feed.This will only happen if the baby receives enough milk to satisfy his needs.I want to be 'nice' as possible but what should I do!?" According to the moderator of the Breastfeeding Mama Talk page, the mom ended up leaving both of her children with her friend and a grandparent.

Sometime this will involve waking him but I say in The New Contented Little Baby Book that, should a young baby demand feeding before three hours, then he must, of course, be fed.

You win this time, haters, but that certainly does not make this type of treatment OK.

The Contented Little Baby routines are not about denying babies a feed when they are really hungry. My main concern about demand feeding with very young babies is that a great many babies do not demand to be fed in the very early days.

During my career as a maternity nurse, I had to care for many premature and sick babies.

Waking these babies on a regular basis so they fed little and often was the only way to ensure their survival.

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