An error occurred while validating 80004005

This should help you to get started writing a Yats test case.We will create a Visual Studio solution, set up project dependencies and debug a very simple test case.We are assuming that Yats is installed at C:\Program Files\Yats Create a new C# DLL project: Add the following DLL dependencies to the project: attributes.dll,…I am trying to open a DB2 connection with a Transaction Scope and getting the following error. Hi, looking more at the error info your DBA reported it looks like the issue actually might be on the server side. I'm also quite confident that the call is being made correctly, as this code path has been tested extensively. :) You need to check with DBA to see why SQLTABLES SP is failing. Can you please verify that XA transactions are enabled in your MSDTC setup.We didn't use the original installation disk because our system had been patched to a higher level in windows update. Hopefully this would allow your update process as well.Rules failed to migrate.​​Some mailbox rules may not migrate in Exchange to Exchange or Exchange to Office 365 migrations.

For example, you may have a rule that all email from "[email protected]" are moved into the "User" folder. I have two entries in XADLL registry, both full paths, one for DB2APP. However, I still receive this error in Event Viewer when a XA Transaction is attempted in a . Execute Reader Object(Command Behavior behavior, Stri ng method) at IBM. Regards, Alex Hi, according to what I see in your testconn40 output, you haven't actually reached the MSDTC step ( which is step 6 ) because of the error in Get Schema() API call. I've granted read access to SQLLIB\BIN for NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE. For XA Transaction support on a 64-bit server, should the MSDTC registry entry be pointing to DB2APP. Is there anything special that needs to be configured for DB2 XA Transaction support on a 64-bit server? I can successfully create a XA Transaction when running testconn20 DB2Meta Data Factory.b(DB2Command& A_0, String A_1) at IBM. When I have more info, I'll post additional details. NET Warning, failed load of Db Factory for: Microsoft. Client VSAI assembly version: VSAI file version: Elapsed: 0.498752 Step 2: Connecting using "Database=db2c; Server=db2c:446; Userid=XXXX;password=XXXX" Server type and version: OS/390 Elapsed: 0.249376 Step 3: Selecting rows from SYSIBM.systables to validate existance of packages SELECT * FROM SYSIBM.systables FETCH FIRST 5 rows only Elapsed: 0.124688 Step 4: Calling Get Schema for tables to validate existance of schema functions Elapsed: 12.375284 Step 5: Creating XA connection DB2Transaction Scope: Failed to open connection to database! I'm working with a 64-bit Windows Server 2008 machine. MSDTC is set to run as NT AUTHORITY\Network Service. We experienced this similar error when working with our local Windows XP boxes. (It appeared to be "magic" as it started working after countless reenabling of XA Transactions and a complete reinstall of 9.7fp3a.) Any ideas? The results of db2remain the same, except now the PROC is testconn20_32instead of w3 Once that issue is resolved testconn40 will be able to move on to MSDTC step. DLL, HR=0x800700c1, File=d:\w7rtm\com\complus\dtc\dtc\xatm\src\Line=2446. 2011-02-01-.186000-360 I110243H400 LEVEL: Severe PID : 3548 TID : 3900 PROC : w3INSTANCE: DB2 NODE : 000 APPID : 10.1.60833.110201200743 EDUID : 3900 FUNCTION: DB2 UDB, XA DTP Support, Microsoft XARMCreate, probe:363 DATA #1 : String, 69 bytes HRESULT: 80004005 HRESULT Message: Unspecified error ITransaction: XA Transactions are enabled on the server. DLL because it complains if I remove that entry from the registry. Open(String connstr) Looking for XADLL key for C:\Program Files\IBM\SQLLIB\bin\db2Missing registry entry for C:\Program Files\IBM\SQLLIB\bin\db2in SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MSDTC\XADLL Test failed. The server job logs should contain more information on the reason SQLTABLES SP is failing.

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NET file version: Capability bits: ALLDEFINED Build: 20090522 Factory for invariant name IBM. What that means in your particular case is that you can't use XA transactions in your web application on a 64 bit windows platform. Hi, actually, now that I think about it, your scenario is actually not supported. This sounds like there is a bug in the calling program.

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