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When we arrived at his house she got out and tottered to the door on her high heels. I imagined him dropping his napkin and bending down so he could look up her skirt. I was in ecstasy imaging them in bed with him between her thighs or with her on top and his dick stuck up her slit. When I arrived I rang the doorbell and went back to the car to wait. Bob kissed her on the cheek, rather than the mouth which surprised me, and slapped on the arse to send her on her way. After she got into the car her skirt again rode up, but unlike on the journey there made no attempt to pull it down.

She said that Bob had taken her shopping on Friday afternoon and had chosen the clothes for her to wear. Whatever, she certainly looked like she knew that she was going to get what she wanted: a big cock up her.I could see up her skirt and she helped by opening her legs slightly.I was almost disappointed when I saw she was wearing knickers.Some things in life I can’t resist and when I need a huge cock inside me, I gotta go get it.I work hard all week and sometimes I just need to get out of my normal life and spoil myself. It usually takes a quick text message, a confirmation of what they want me to wear and where we will be meeting.

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As usual, he had all I needed for a perfect evening. She is probably right if you are a woman who does not like men drooling over you, but to a man they are perfect.

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