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Don’t rely purely on searching for jobs online, reach out to friends, get in touch with old colleagues, and more importantly, the community of wonderful, powerful mothers around you.

There are countless career centres for women, blogs dedicated to working mums, and even career coaches who can guide you towards a job you actually look forward to waking up to.

It’s not easy this whole ‘working at the same time as looking after the kids’ thing. Our motivations for pushing ahead are naturally different from mum to mum but in general we 1/ need the money 2/ need to retain our identity as a sane, intelligent human being 3/ we genuinely love what we do.

But sadly there are all too many working mamas who don’t necessarily love their 9-5.

Figure out what it is that you want, make lists, and don’t fall in the trap of staying slightly unhappy where you are because it’s easier, less stressful or more comfortable. It’s your turn to do your homework Changing careers is relatively effortless, but finding a job that you love, takes time, effort, and dedication - especially if you’re also a part-time cook, cleaner and family taxi-driver.In Canada, the advantages of credit card consolidation are numerous.They comprise: Debtors with numerous debts are often subjected to the issue of high minimal monthly unsecure credit cards payments.As an alternative, you can choose to use escrow facilities by bidding for the domain you are interested in at Sedo is one of the world’s largest domain marketplaces with whom we have been dealing for 12 years; most of the domains on this page are also listed there.

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