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before I can even get my wrists out of my handcuffs, she knocks at my door and calls out for me.Turns out her friends and her decided not to do anything because there was supposed to be a bad winter storm coming in!I was very embarrassed to ask for this because I wanted girls robes and slippers, like pink, and real fuzzy. As I grew up, more and more often I was left home alone.Even when I would go shopping with my mom, I'd see boys robes that were fuzzy, but they just weren't what I wanted, and I was too embarrassed to ask for one because I thought "fuzzy clothes are only for girls" When I was 10, my aunt moved in with her fiance. When i got the chance, I would wear my sisters robe and slippers. I'd wear her skirts, even her underwear a few times. I dont cross dress any more, it turned out to be a phase during my teenage years.

My school had a halloween party and everyone would wear their costumes to school for the day. I knew that I wanted to be a prisoner for halloween with handcuffs, but I didn't know if I wanted to tell my mom that it was what I wanted, feeling that she'd know the reason why.I started feeling happy, maybe I wasn't a girl, but i started feeling more feminine cuz I got to dress like a girl, even for just a little bit. In my early teens is when I realized that I also had a fetish for bondage.Whenever I would see something on TV with a girl tied up I just couldn't look away.I would take a belt or an old bathrobe belt and tie my legs together, stuff a sock in my mouth and wrap my scarf around my head as a gag, and of course handcuff myself. I loved the idea of doing it in the afternoon though, but I rarely had the chance to since me and my sister would get home from school at the same time. My mom was going to be at work until 9 that night, and my sister was going out with her girl friends right after school and she didn't even know if she was going to be coming back home that night. I tie my knees together with one of my old bathrobe belts.That day, I got home from school and immediately started getting ready for my self bondage fun. I take a sock and stuff it into my mouth and wrap my scarf around and tie as tight of a knot as I possibly can.

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