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The Serbian language comprises several dialects, the standard language is based on the Stokavian dialect.

However, traditionally, only lunch and dinner existed, with breakfast being introduced in the second half of the 19th century.Thus the surname Petr(ov)ić signifies little Petar, as does, for example, "-sen"/"-son" in Scandinavian and to a lesser extent German and English names or a common prefix Mac ("son of") in Scottish & Irish, and O' (grandson of) in Irish names.It is estimated that some two thirds of all Serbian surnames end in -ić but that some 80% of Serbs carry such a surname with many common names being spread out among tens and even hundreds of non-related extended families. The most common surnames are Marković, Nikolić, Petrović, and Jovanović.The Serbian Orthodox Church gained autocephaly from Constantinople in 1219, whereas Stephen the First Crowned was declared king by the Pope.The Republic of Venice influenced the maritime regions in the Middle Ages.

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Rakija, a plum brandy commonly known by popular brand name Slivovitz (original spelling šljivovica, from šljiva = plum) is a distilled fermented plum juice. Serbs speak the Serbian language, a member of the South Slavic group of languages, specifically in the Southwestern Slavic group with the Southeastern Slavic languages including Macedonian and Bulgarian.

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