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The town has many hotels catering for visitors, and nearby towns such as Letterkenny offer public swimming pools, cinemas and large shopping centres.Like most clothing manufacturers in Ireland, the size of the workforce has been in decline for many years.There is archaeological evidence for settlements around the town dating to prehistoric times, including the remains of ringforts and other defensive earthworks.Saint Patrick was captured by raiders from the clans governed by Niall of the Nine Hostages, and this region is that to which Patrick returned, being familiar with the people, language, customs and lands.Ocean FM, an independent local radio station from Collooney in County Sligo, has one of its three studios in the town, which broadcasts to most of south County Donegal.

This Church of Ireland church was built in a simple Gothic style mainly in the late 1820s and was completed in 1828.

The town is home to the regional newspapers Donegal Democrat and Donegal Post and the local Donegal Times newspaper.

The Northwest Express regional newspaper is also distributed throughout the town and surrounding county, as is The Derry Journal.

The story of Hugh Roe O'Donnell (, also known as "Red" Hugh II), Lord of Tyrconnell, was the inspiration behind many books and films, not least, Disney's The Fighting Prince of Donegal.

In 1601 the Siege of Donegal took place during the Nine Years' War.

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