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Althought, I should probably say awesome tutorial first. For some reason my recolor of the drum set is showing up ingame beautifully.Now, if I can get it to work with my grandma's brain, remains to be seen. Is the process similar to this tutorial or is it completely different? MRo M_photos/Wizard/67- Minimize the wizard and open Photo Shop, open the first image MRo M_photos/Wizard/108- Use the Hue Stautration tool to change the colors, i recommend changing the one above only (The White texture) :) 9- Do the Same to the other texture 10- To the second texture (The Dirty one) you might wanna need to add some more dirty texture! Step 11- Now save, go back to the wizard and select each image and choose import, and import your images After you edited the image, save in any folder easy to find (like Desktop or My Docs), go back in Sim PE and click in Import. i thought maby it was just the picture but when i clicked next the next pictures were different too :! (Sorry, no screenshots because I'm using a different computer than the game is actually on)Hi again!, you can use this brush MRo M_photos/Wizard/1111- Now save, go back to the wizard and select each image and choose import, and import your images MRo M_photos/Wizard/1312- Click next and choose your package name MRo M_photos/Wizard/1413- Go to your downloads folder and you will find it there! ---------- Tutorials: Using_Wizards_of_Sim PE_to_create_a_basic_recolour:( Okay, I need help. You said "tutorials folder", but I don't get that part. 6- When it loads select the first texture and click export and export the image to you tutorial folder, do the same to the other one. Then follow steps 12, 13, 14 and 15ok this is just tipical ME! on the wizards of Sim PE program, when it says "3" in the top right corner (i THINK thats step 5 on this tutorial not sure though) and when you have to select the boxes then the first image ect, my first image is not the same as on the tutorial... So I recolored a painting and I messed it up :( how do I delete it and remove it from the game?You could download the nvdia tools if you like, they are free. Your image should look like some sort of checkerboard around the picture area. Does your image have the outer area as that checkerboard? But maybe I can do this with photoshop or Flash CS3 as well? I already downloaded the nvdia tools, but it still didn't work (using MSPaint) I'll try it out. What am I supposed to name it when I save it to a tutorial folder. I made a folder called 'Simpe Tuts' and saved them there under 'Simpe Tut' and 'Simpe Tut2'. I actually figured out the problem myself - somehow CEP and Nvidia DDS Utilities both got messed up on my system.But otherwise make sure the image itself still has transparency. I re-installed them and everything is working fine’s not that important at the moment to know everything about them…they’re just some libraries Line 11: Declaring is the container of such environment. Inside this bounding box, the world is ruled by Box2D physics. They’re pretty too much for a single-screen project, but if you are using scrolling, it could be useful to set up a big environment.

Apparently you have The Sims 2 Deluxe, unfortunately i never got it so I'd never now what changed in it :(I have sim PE, but I can't find wizards of sim PE. I right click the Wizards icon and send the shortcut to my desktop. I really like your tutorial it is nice and simple, but I am a comlpete newbie and I have no idea how to use DDS-utility, I have tried to look for a tutorial that explains it but without luck. Never mind I think I figured it out :anime: Okay - I have downloaded all the required components and everything is set up and ready to go. Also, I'd like to add new fabric options to a sofa and chair set.

Being a Flash porting, we will use AS3 to make our project, instead of C as required by the original library.

Once you downloaded and unpacked the zip file in a folder, this is what you will get: You are now ready to begin Your first Box2D experiment Start Flash and create a new AS3 Flash file and call it (example) Lines 2-5: some commons Flash libraries used to make the demo Lines 6-9: Box2D libraries…

This is a tutorial about Box2D dedicated to the absolute beginners.

I received a lot of request asking for this, so here we go.

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