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Usually a low BMI even with a higher (35% and up for middle aged) or average (23% – 35%) fat percent. This could mean 10 -15% body fat and a high or low BMI. what I think most men think it means which is size 8 to 12, or not plus size, which is not average at all!The only average it is is the average size you see in a store (ok average size in the store is size 6 to 10 but close enough). A Few Extra Pounds Body Type This again could mean a few things. Could mean 2 to 20 pounds higher than the average BMI for middle aged women I would think.Stocky body type means cold climate adapted; long wide torso, shorter limbs, square face, and usually a high BMI even with a low body fat.This body style was all the rage in the US in the 1880s to 1970s but is now considered ugly by the media.Have you ever tried to define your body type for an online dating site? However, my biggest quarrel with dating sites is their use of body type to categorize women.

Fat percent also increases with age as fertility decreases, so a man may subconsciously connect fat percent with fertility even while choosing women in a close age range in mid life.Here is my rather cynical opinion of what guys think the types of body mean: A. My best guess is that most men think it means that the woman exercises and is lanky; size 6 or less. average body fat which is 23 to 35% for the middle aged woman 3.Slender Body Type This to me could mean two things: 1. small muscles and bones, long limbs, short narrow waist, narrow long face. Generally what the media in the US currently wants us to associate with feminine. low fat: low body fat percent; generally associated with masculinity and youth. I think you could exercise and be medium build or stocky and they would say you were lying about your body type if you chose this one so best to not use it IMO unless you are narrow. About Average Body Type I think this one bothers me the most. average BMI which is 26.5 but slightly higher for middle aged women 4.I would guess some men may think it means that you can barely walk you are so large.SSBBW Body Type This term is used on Craigslist and means “super sized big and beautiful woman”.

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The best definitions I have found on the web is size 26 and up.

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