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Like her brunette co-star, Morrison said she’s also well aware of the gay following of the show but reasoned it more to the fairytale appeal that gay audiences are drawn to.“I think what’s great about fairytales is that it’s about self-identity and self-awareness and my hope is that there’s a character for everyone to identify with—so, if people who’ve in some way felt like maybe they were misunderstood at some point or they don’t necessarily have the voice that they want to have, then if they’re feeling like they identify with characters on the show, that’s awesome.”Morrison likened hearing about how fans relate to the show as to why people like herself chose the profession of acting in the first place. We hope that in some way we make a positive impact or some sort of emotional impact on the people watching and so if people feel connected to it in that way, we’re all for it.”Meghan Ory, who plays Red Riding Hood (who happens to also be a werewolf), could gush about any of the sexy women she works with everyday but she chose to talk about a certain guest star and how her assets caught Ory’s attention in a big way.

And while we often have characters like love-to-hate-her Regina (Lana Parrilla) working against Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and her saintly mother, Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin), there’s no denying that all these strong women mixing it up creates some definite heat.“We have strong, powerful women,” said Parrilla to After Ellen when asked why she thinks the show has such a strong lesbian following.

"I think it's going to be exciting to see their relationship like we've never seen it before," the actress said.

"She's never been at this place in her life and never been in such a strong position, and he's never been unaffected or unconscious like he is now." As for what's next for the Charmings, Josh Dallas admitted that things are going to be "tough" for the twosome as they work to rescue their daughter from the darkness.

“Barbara Hershey is so grounded and confident and sort of breathes through her performance in such a way that I feel gives her so much power that there’s…it’s almost like when she smiles, she’s even more threatening because she’s just so confident that she has something to back that smile up.

Looking ahead, Storybrooke fans can expect to see Regina do whatever it takes to bring her friend back to the light.

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