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It is a pretty easy way to dramatically increase the size of that dating pool with a few clicks of a mouse. Don’t let that frighten you – but like any date – be cautious.4. Short but nicely written and says the kinds of things I want to read.So I strike up a conversation with him in the site’s messaging system.While I don’t expect you to share your income information or other information that you might consider a bit more private than you’re willing to share in a forum as public as a dating site, I do expect you to provide answers for fields such as your marital status, height, body type, education level, religion (or whether it matters), number of children (if not grown), and whether you smoke or do drugs. And no, visiting your kids in Spokane doesn’t count.Why would you leave out , and that’s only because you might have learned it from your daughter when she was 15. Inaccurate Profiles If anything you include in your profile is not true, you are a liar. That includes truth stretched beyond all recognition. Someone who really loves to travel takes at least a trip or two a year. A guy who really loves to work out at the gym wouldn’t look so dismal with his shirt off (see #5 above). Then what’s with that photo of you and your friends at the sports bar guzzling Bud Light? What do you think will happen when she discovers the truth?And again, I’m not talking about a few little mistakes. Chances are, those two sentences haven’t given me a reason to want to meet you.Dating sites also usually have data fields with multiple choice options to describe yourself.

His messages to me are so bad that they’re beyond illiterate — it’s almost as if this whole thing is some sort of joke. I don’t expect perfect grammar, but I do expect communication that doesn’t need to be deciphered before I can respond to it.

If you don’t care, then this list isn’t for you anyway; move along. I’m sure that guys reading this will agree that many of them apply to women’s profiles. Your profile picture is the first thing a woman sees when she looks at your profile. Head and shoulders is good for a primary photo, full body (clothes on, please) should be somewhere in the collection. Everyone with a cell phone these days also has a camera. (Oh, and there’s a special place in hell for any man who uses vacation photos taken by his wife on a dating site when he’s still married to her. ) Personally, I think solo selfies are kind of juvenile. You’d better have a build like a Calvin Klein underwear model if you include shirtless photos in your profile.

I want to make it clear here that I’m not just interested in great looking men. While not everyone can be a Calvin Klein underwear model — . I really don’t care what you looked like when you went on that cool trip to Paris in 2005. The next time you’re looking presentable while you’re out with your friends, hand your phone to a friend and tell him/her to snap your picture. It’s one thing to snap a shot of you and your friends at the ball game or beach, all bunched together making faces at a camera for fun, but it’s another to hold the camera at arms length in your bathroom or bedroom to shoot a photo of your face with a clear view up your nostrils. I’ve seen too many shirtless photos of guys who really need to keep that stuff covered.

There is an epidemic going on in today’s rapid paced society — we are all missing each other with our so important lives and are really unable to hook up romantically. And the reason why is because online dating has a come a long way.

What happened to the simple days of high school when we had to beat guys off of us with sticks:)? It is no longer this clandestine online forum for a bunch of liars and married men to find unsuspecting females to prey on.

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  1. Plus, the safety net of the typing time delay is crucial for those without the compositional skills of Shakespeare. Also, you can ‘describe’ a decadent, skimpy outfit to the recipient whilst secretly wearing your PJs, so the effort is usually minimal?