Intimidating dog breeds

His sturdy body and adorably alert expression make him a hit with dog lovers.

The Cane Corso isn’t the only big dog in the top 10!

The ideal Labradoodle has the friendliness and trainability of a Lab and the low-shedding coat of a Poodle.

The Cane Corso is an Italian Mastiff bred to hunt wild boar.

Some breeds, like Labrador Retrievers, have been popular pets for years, but other breeds (and popular mixed breeds) have moved steadily up the list over the past decade.

The biggest downside: a heartbreakingly short lifespan. 17, the Great Dane cuts a truly great figure with a potential weight of 190 pounds and height of 32 inches (or more! Like many of the other giant breeds on this list, his looks tend to be far more intimidating than his sweet disposition.

The wrinkled Dogue de Bordeaux can weigh up to 160 pounds, which means he’s likely to turn heads, but he’s calm and gentle (if a bit stubborn) enough to handle the attention.

He’s a great family pet, which is likely why he has jumped 42 places since 2002, but his drooling, snoring, shedding and sensitivity to temperature mean he’s not right for every home.

Another designer mix, the Puggle is a cross between a Pug and a Beagle and has certainly wiggled his way into dog lovers’ hearts, moving up 88 places since 2002.

This dog is robust and playful but can also be stubborn and uncooperative. The third hottest dog breed is yet another designer mix, this time between a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle.

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