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He yells for Margaret and Bruno and Leo go to see Sam, who is on the phone about the forest fire. then finds Ainsley to tell her that she's going to be on Capital Beat that evening to show continued support for Rollins. Doug thinks the President should veto the repeal and show his strength. J, meets two Congressional staff members on the Mall and they express concern over the White House's full-throated support of Clement Rollins.

They are going to set up a meeting for Sam and Campos. Ainsley offers to set Donna up on a date with a lawyer from the Majority Counsel's Office for the House Ways and Means Committee. When she gets back to the White House, she tells Ainsley to continue to work behind the scenes to get the Republicans in Congress riled up.

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And the answer comes back to me: Probably not.""I have an excellent sense about these things," she tells Josh discussing a new guy who she thinks might be "the one".

This moment has got to make the list, as it is pretty straightforwardly pushes Josh and Donna's relationship into forever-altered territory.

She is the daugther of two hair-dressers named John and Judy, and has two older siblings (Lance, who is a contractor, and Meegan, an attorney) and a twin sister, called Carey, a nurse.

In high school, I was the best in my row and so I ask myself, if I pursued the flute professionally, if I'd be meeting interesting men?

"Actually, you have no sense about these things," Josh responds, ".

It has been 15 years since the series premiere of "The West Wing," which means it has been 15 years since viewers first discovered the palpable onscreen chemistry of characters Josh Lyman and Donnatella Moss.

In honor of the anniversary, and the new generation of viewers recently discovering "The West Wing" for the first time on Netflix, we've compiled a list of the 15 most notable moments in Josh-Donna history, ranked from our least to most favorite. Donna brings Josh a cup of coffee, "Pilot," Season 1 The scene that started it all!

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