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Don't dismiss it just because of its cutesy concept or light gameplay demands. Kirby showed up late to the N64 party when Kirby 64 hit the console in 2000, but those who still owned the system were in for an adorable treat.It brought traditional Kirby style to the system while experimenting with the formula in interesting ways.And when the game was finally released stateside on Wii's Virtual Console, we were at last able to appreciate the on-rails shooter in all its explosive glory.Not unlike later entry Star Fox, S&P takes you through auto-scrolling stages with hundreds of enemies to blast to bits.It also took Treasure's unique approach to game design and coupled it with Nintendo's trademark polish.That, along with its offbeat art and story, make it more than worthy of being remembered as one of the 64-bit greats.These days any new Tetris game that gets released has settled into the comfortable groove of gingerly updating the core gameplay, with few really challenging the formula.Not so with this inventive twist on the Tetris formula, which sadly never caught on with players enough to get a sequel.

Beyond all of that, though, what the game had that many others didn't was originality.By the time the 32/64-bit generation rolled around, the kart genre was in full swing, as every Muppet, Smurf, and Flintstone starred in their own racer.Only a few distinguished themselves from the crowd, but Diddy Kong and his cavalcade of furry friends eventually found a way to bust out of the mold.As the game's cosmetic component--drawn from the then-blockbusting Pokemon anime--will attest, this is a package designed with casual and younger players in mind.However, by the time you've mastered the basics, there's still some challenging puzzle play in there, and it remains a great setting for cross-generational multiplayer matchups.

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