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There are certain things we may assume about this woman.

We assume she is picky, stubborn, set in her ways and frigid.

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Our job as friends isn't to tell someone to stop "being picky" or to "get out more." That's just lazy advice. " Does the thought of having to ask these questions make you uncomfortable? If you don't make an authentic effort to understand and appreciate someone's personal experience, your own pride or point-of-view is what really leads the advice you offer, rather than the best interests of the person you care about. We often pity women who are single and 40-years old. It means making statements like: "I feel so bad for her, she doesn't have anyone, she's lonely." Empathy is about understanding the why, how and where.

This woman I speak of and that you are imagining in your mind is most likely very hardworking, has a great job and good friends.

It may be cliché to bring up this idea that an older man is a catch and an older woman is an old maid, but this standpoint remains an accepted stance from our cultural perspective.

Things have definitely improved in terms of how women and men are constructed in terms of their gender identities, but I'm not talking about a cultural examination as much as I'm talking about the personal message that we give to our single 40-year friends and how that needs to change.

Sure, some of these women may be stubborn and set in their ways, but men that age are often set in their ways, too.

That's what happens when we get older; we often become more rigid as a consequence of realizing what works and what doesn't work for us.

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