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Scholars believe the bronze vessels were likely copies of ceramic vessels.A fine white pottery was made during the Shang Dynasty.Many ancient bronzes were removed from China, especially in the early 20th century, and few have been given back or carefully studied.Bronze vessels and figures were generally made using the lost wax casting technique, which worked as follows: 1) A form was made of wax molded around a piece of clay.Materials other than jade, such as agate and glass were used to make "jade" ornaments.See Ritual Bronzes Above Great works of art from the Warring States Period include bronze vessels with inlaid geometric silver decorations, snake-shaped bronze fittings and jade and gold wire jewelry and bows made with dragons with glass eyeballs. historian chronicled in Ming-era records, the tomb contains a throne room, a copper dome, models of pavilions and palaces filled with gold, gemstones and other treasures, sacred stone tablets, copper coffins, inscribed soul towers, prayer temples, and a relief map of China with a miniature ocean and models of the Yangtze and Yellow rivers filled with flowing mercury.

Each one has an individual face, and its own hairstyle and facial expressions.2) The form was enclosed in a clay mold with pins used to stabilize the form. The mold hardened into a ceramic and the wax burned and melted leaving behind a cavity in the shape of the original form. A metal sculpture was created and removed by breaking the clay when it was sufficiently cool.Most Shang vessels were decorated with taotie, face-like symbols with “eyes” composed of swirling lines.The oldest ones date back to the Xia dynasty (2200 to 1766 B.C), when the legendary Yellow Emperor is said to have cast nine bronze tripods to symbolize the nine provinces in his empire.

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